The Jews of Iberia

By Juan Marcos Bejarano Guttierez

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The history of Jews in Spain and Portugal spans more than thousand years. By most measures, it is even longer than the large-scale settlement of Jews in the land of Israel which was interrupted several times in Jewish history.

Legends ascribe the arrival of the earliest settlers to the days of the biblical prophet Obadiah, but archeologically speaking, the first record of Jews is much later. This book includes an overview of Jewish life in the Iberian Peninsula from its early days through the Expulsion. It includes a special focus on the rise of the Conversos, Jews who were forcibly converted to Christianity. The rise of the Conversos can only be understood in the context of the broader Jewish experience in Spain.


A succinct, unlovely history of facts on the treatment of Jews forcibly converted to Christianity in Spain and Portugal..

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This is a very good book! I am really enjoying and learning from it!

– M. Lisa

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