Curriculum Vitae

Rabbi Dr. Juan Marcos Bejarano Gutierrez


Juan Marcos Bejarano Gutierrez                                                                         Phone (214)-587-5223

701 Forest Park Place Grand Prairie, TX 75052                                              Email:                    


Date of Birth: 11-26-1972; Place of Birth: Dallas; Citizenship: U.S. Citizen


The University of Texas at Dallas: Erik Jonsson School of Electrical Engineering

Richardson, Texas; Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, B.Eng. 1996.                     

Siegal College of Judaic Studies

Shaker Heights, Ohio; Master of Arts in Jewish Studies with Distinction M.A.J.S, 2004.

Thesis: The Evolution of Jewish Identity through the Second Temple Period.

Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies

Chicago, Illinois; Doctor of Science in Jewish Studies Program2015

Dissertation Topic: Secret Jews: The Complex Identity of Crypto-Jews and Crypto-Judaism

American Seminary for Contemporary Judaism/Yeshivat Mesilat Yesharim

Baldwin, NY; Phoenix, Arizona:  Rabbinic Ordination Yoreh Yoreh 2011


Taiyo Yuden, Inc. – Senior Account Manager 2020- Present

Lintec of America, Inc.- Sales Engineer/Account Manager 2011-2020

Ultimate Language Store– Sales Director/Owner 2005-2011

Texas Instruments – Product Development Engineering 1997-2005

ADI International- Product Engineering 1996-1997

RELIGIOUS POSITIONS: Rabbi-Chavurah Zohar Yisrael 20013-Present


Jewish History, Biblical Studies, Jewish-Christian Dialogue, Sephardic Studies


Birdie, Norman, and Lewis Polster Award for Excellence 2001, Siegal College of Judaic Studies


The Religion of Spanish and Portuguese Crypto-Jews Published in Puntes-Theological Reflections from a Hispanic-Latino Context/Southern Methodist University, 2010.

The Islamic Concept of Taqiyya and Its Influence on Spanish Jewry: Published in HaLapid Journal, Spring/Summer 2011. 

Samuel Usque: The Consolation for the Tribulations of Israel: Published in HaLapid Fall/Winter 2011 Issue.

Dying in the Law of Moses: A Book Review: Published in HaLapid Spring/Summer 2011.

The Jewish Status of Conversos and Rabbinic Responsa: Published in the Journal of Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian Crypto-Jews Volume 4 2012.

The Responsa of the Ribash on the Anusim: Published in HaLapid Spring/Summer Edition 2012.

Giovanni Pico Della Mirandola and Christian Cabala Published in  Academia Letters, 2021.


Texas A& M Third Annual Crypto-Jewish Symposium 2010: Conference Presentation title “Conversos and the Rise of Secularism.”

Southern Methodist University: Hidden Jews of the Southwest Conference 2010: Presentation title “The Religion of Crypto-Judaism.”

Society for Crypto-Judaic Studies Conference 2010: Conference Presentation title “Samuel Usque and the Consolations for the Tribulations of Israel.”

Society for Crypto-Judaic Studies Conference 2014: Conference Presentation “Samaritans and Conversos in Halakhah: Interesting Comparisons.”

Mensa Dallas Gathering 2018 – The Sephardic Experience and Crypto Jews.

40th Annual HOGAR Hispanic Genealogical Conference 2019: Conference Presentation: “Jewish Conquistadors in the New World.”

Congregation Beth Shalom Educational Series 2019: “History of the Jews of the Iberian Peninsula.”

Congregation Beth Shalom Educational Series 2019: “What is Jewish Thinking?”

Congregation Beth Shalom Educational Series 2019: “The Second Temple Era”

Israel Bible Center January 2020: “Complex Jewish & Christian Identities”.

Byron Sherwin Learning Center July 2021: “Reclaiming Enoch: Rediscovering His Importance in Ancient Judaism and Early Rabbinic Thought”

ESefarad March 2024: “La identidad compleja de los criptojudios”

Beyond the Headlines – April 2024: “The Rise of the Inquisition.”


Sephardic Studies

Secret Jews: The Complex Identity of Crypto-Jews and Crypto-Judaism, 2016.

The Rise of the Inquisition: The History of the Spanish and Portuguese Inquisitions,  2017.

Why Did Spanish Jews Convert to Christianity? 2019.

The Jews of the Iberian Peninsula,  2016.

Conversos and the Sabbatean Movement: The Unlikely Supporters of Sabbatai Zevi, 2019.

Jewish Conquistadors in the New World: The Early Years, 2020.

Jewish-Christian Relations and History

Forgotten Origins: The Jewish History of Jesus and Early Christianity, 2018.

Judaizing Jesus: Radical Jewish Approaches to Christianity, 2019.

The Judaisms of Jesus Followers, 2018.

Reimagining Boundaries: Jewish and Christian Identity in Late Antiquity, 2021.

 Enoch Rising: Enmeduranki, the Fallen Watchers, and the Key to Unlocking Early Christianity, 2018.

Crossroads: The Ideas that Jews and Christians Share, 2023 co-authored with Todd Rosenberg.

General Jewish Interest

An Introduction to Jewish Theology: Biblical and Rabbinic Concepts on God, the Torah, Life After Death, and More, 2019.

What is Jewish Thinking? Understanding the Classical Worldview of the Bible and Rabbinic Thought,  2018.

Ancient Israelite Identity: Religion, Ethnicity, and the Land of Israel, 2019.

The Creation of Jewish Identity: From the Biblical Era to the Second Temple Era, 2022.


The Transformation of Israelite Religion into Rabbinic Judaism, 2018.

Tikkun Olam: A Jewish Approach for Redeeming the World, 2018.

Of Kings and Chronicles: Divergent Views of King Solomon’s Ascendancy to the Throne of Israel, 2018

Conflicted Identities: The Jewish Cardinal and the Jesus Believing Orthodox Rabbi, 2019.

Neglecting the Torah: The Charge against Early Hasidim, 2018.

The Six-Day War: A Concise Introduction to the War that Changed the Middle East, 2018.

Visionary or Heretic: The Judaism of Mordecai Kaplan, 2018.

Zionism: The Question of Jewish Identity, 2018.

Maimonides and Spinoza Come to Dinner: A Hypothetical Conversation, 2018.


2011      Mountain View College: History of the Middle East Conflict

2024      Hebraic Christian College: The Rise of the Conversos (in development)


2023- Present                                        The Habura

2010-2014, 2024                                     Society for Crypto-Judaic Studies

2015, 2023 -Present                              Union for Traditional Judaism

2015                                                        Dallas Jewish Historical Society