What is Jewish Prayer?

What is Jewish Prayer?

Almost every religious tradition includes a form of prayer or meditation. That being the case, what exactly characterizes prayer as Jewish? Jewish prayer utilizes the idioms and expressions of the Hebrew Bible and the Sages of Israel. In short, traditional Jewish prayer expresses the fundamental values and beliefs of Judaism.

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The goal of this book is to provide the reader with an introduction to the theology of Jewish prayer and some of the basic practices associated with certain key prayers. The objective is to provide the student or novice with sufficient understanding to spur him or her to further study and practice.

The goal and the Objective of R’Juan’s book successfully accomplishes the reader to walk away with an amazingly and fundamentally understanding of Jewish prayer through the Tanach (Heb. Bible) and Chazal (Sages). Excellent read!

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I wanted to learn more about how Jews pray and this book has helped me to obtain a better understanding of how to truly pray. A must read for every Christian.

-Dawn A.

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