Against the Greeks

Against the Greeks

Despite this, a commitment to the Hebrew Bible prevented many Jews from embracing Hellenism completely. The Hebrew Bible formed the basis from which classical Judaism developed. Understanding Jewish thought based on the Hebrew Bible, as well as later rabbinic writings helps explain the uniqueness of the classical Jewish worldview which continues to this day.

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Is there a type of thinking that can be characterized as Jewish?

If so, what is the difference between the Jewish thought and non-Jewish thinking? Does the Bible reflect a type of thinking? Is it linear? Does it correspond to Platonic or Aristotelian thought? How does rabbinic logic work? Are there polarities in the Bible. Discover this and much more in this fascinating aspect of Judaism.

This book provides an introduction to the classical Jewish worldview.

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I appreciated this short work which helped me to better understand how to articulate the differences between Hebrew and Greek (Christian) thought.

Jon K.

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