Forgotten Origins

By Juan Marcos Bejarano Gutierrez

Forgotten Origins: The Lost Jewish History of Jesus and Early Christianity

Since the third and fourth centuries, the worlds of Judaism and Christianity have crystallized to such a level of distinction obscuring their shared history and theology…

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History, theology, and everything in between are my personal passions. Whether its the history of ancient Israel, the Babylonian exile, the Second Temple Era, early Christianity, or medieval Jewish history, I am always interested in learning more and writing on these fascinating topics.

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Gutierrez has done a great service through his considerable research and documentation and he lays out the information in a friendly and easy to read way.

Arthur Telling


Forgotten Origins is a highly informative book shedding light on the critical period in which Christianity emerged from its Jewish roots.

Steven Tiger


Rabbi Gutierrez prompts 21st century Jews and Christians to reconsider the veracity of historiographical documents pertaining to the Jewish and Christian schism.

Amazon Customer

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